Exclusive Art at VM Concept

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

At VM Concept Interior Design Studio, the worlds of taste and art collide in exciting, inspiring ways. Not only does this full-service interior design firm create gracious spaces in which clients live and work, but it also represents two exceptional French artists: Laetitia Bonnici and Daniel Verstraete. Whether the works of these artists reside in one's office or home, they enliven their surroundings, provoke contemplation and provide a beautiful link between art and good taste.

Laetitia Bonnici


At once molten and meticulous, the seductive artwork of Laetitia Bonnici has cultivated admirers all over the world. Critics and collectors alike appreciate Ms. Bonnici's expert renderings of the human form. The seemingly straightforward compositions, however, belie the complexity of creation, a process that involves rapid movement of paint, vibrant color palettes and the sense that each painting is as layered and meaningful as the human emotions they evoke.

Daniel Verstraete


Having shown his abstract, passionate artworks in Paris, Cannes and Grasse, among other cities, Daniel Verstraete has earned an impressive acclaim. Before then, the self-taught artist worked as a lawyer, but the force and vitality of his artworks make up for lost time. Mr. Verstraete works in acrylic, adding diffuse materials like cheesecloth, burlap, plant matter and newspaper to create the perfect composition on canvas, while he crafts his conceptual sculptures from the finest Paros marble. The results are as beautiful as they are fascinating.

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