Contemporary - Soft Contemporary, Paradise Valley, AZ

Master Bedroom: Soft contemporary interior design can feel enticingly luxurious, as evidenced by this Paradise Valley remodel. A silk wall covering establishes the palette of dark blues, golds and creams, while the mahogany four-poster bed feels both sleek and romantic. And the commissioned oil painting by Laetitia Bonnici creates dimension and originality within the custom-home interior design.

Sitting Room: By incorporating a lighter color palette but integrating notes of dark blue in the furnishings, this sitting room indicates its relationship to the adjacent master bedroom while resolutely maintaining its own space. Verdant plants, botanical prints and natural light create a conservatory ambience.

Bar: Proving that small spaces can have a big impact, this Paradise Valley remodel made the most of its nooks and crannies. A formerly unadorned bar was transformed into something much grander; thanks to the trompe l'oeil on the back wall that convincingly depicts a 17th century wine cellar. A strikingly original chair (right) hints at the blues to come in the master bedroom just down the hall. Paired with a handsome mirror and delicate floor lamp, this ensemble invites people to pause on their way to the master suite.

Living Room and Dining Room: Contemporary interior design takes on a luxurious feel in the living room and dining room. A custom silk rug and pearlescent wall finish in the living room create a delicate backdrop to the industrial-like nature of the commissioned art installation connected by stainless-steel bars. In the dining room, a rich, custom silk rug establishes the color palette. Silver leafing appears on the ceiling and in the niches, while the chairs wear similarly metallic upholstery. High-gloss mahogany furniture feels both modern and luxe.

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