- Valérie Marcus, IIDA, Principal Interior Designer

When Principal Valérie Marcus, IIDA, decided to leave behind her successful design firm in Provence, France and start anew in Scottsdale, there was only one thing she insisted on bringing with her: her stock. Others tried to convince her she could buy new things stateside, but Valérie knew better. She'd built a career for herself in Provence specializing in space-planning for children and teenagers. If she were going to launch a new office in a new country in a new language, there had to be at least one area where she didn't have to start over. After all, good design can transcend language and borders, but it takes time to hone one's instincts. And to amass a treasure trove of items of undisputed quality, for that matter.

Valérie had her way and arrived in the U.S. in 1997, stock intact. After spending nearly a decade working for another company and getting familiar with her adopted country, Valérie was again ready to strike out on her own. And so VM Concept Interior Design Studio was born.

Today Valérie brings her unique blend of training, experience and just plain good taste to every commission she accepts. She relishes the inspirations waiting to be discovered in each project. She delights in taking cues from fashion - a line here, a color there - and incorporating them into luxury design. She tackles details from space planning to accessory selection with both energy and meticulousness. And she takes care to involve her clients every step of the way so that the completed project reflects them creatively and subtly. In this manner, designing beautiful spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically sound has become Valérie's trademark. And it is one that has found expression in homes and offices across her new country.

" Valérie Marcus at VM Concept is an outstanding designer and professional. She is creative, exacting, budget conscious, and has a wealth of high end experience and European design knowledge. I have complete confidence in her completing projects on time and on budget and the result is always above my expectation. "

Jim & Sheila Clary, Scottsdale, AZ - 2013

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